November 8, 2015


Corey L. Twitchell joined the Department of Languages & Philosophy as Assistant Professor of German at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah in Fall 2016. He received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2015.

His main research interests are in the areas of German Jewish literature and history and Holocaust literature. His dissertation, “The German Jewish Post-Holocaust Novel: Narrative and a Literary Language for Loss,” investigates how a constellation of works by Jurek Becker, Edgar Hilsenrath, and Fred Wander confronts the paradox of recovering and recuperating lost, unarchivable stories of Holocaust victims. He explores how these German Jewish post-Holocaust novels gesture toward an epistemological alternative to this loss, imagining a discursive space for this disnarrated testimony. He is currently completing the first English-language monograph devoted to the works of Edgar Hilsenrath.

In conjunction with a research agenda that works from the intersection of German Studies and Holocaust Studies, Dr. Twitchell has taught courses on German and Austrian Jewish literature, German poetry, Yiddish literature, Kafka, and German cinema and film history. In addition, he has taught undergraduate German language and culture courses at all levels.